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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Basic layout before printing

So what I have done is print the designs out on plain paper just to test print really and see how the colours came out, but instead of just wasting these I have decided to cut them down to the sizes that I think would suit the canvas.

I have just taken 10mm off of each side of the large illustrations just to give a little boarder around the image to join the back canvas colour together, I was a little skeptical at first seeing how much white their actual was but after a while it looked right to me, I may decide to develop this negative space further when I have more done in the project and have received feedback but here are the two possibilities:

image image

I am very happy with the way the designs look like this even though i still need to print them out properely, these sections will be mounted onto black mounting card which I’ll have to paint the sides of for the full effect, the reason I am using mounting card is because I really dont want the images to be flat of the canvas i want them to stick out a little give more definition to them and because i will be printing on flat matt card this should look pretty good, atleast it does in my head ha.

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Idea’s/ Decisions

So I have been thinking about my layout and the style of the design, I am going to go with the illustration style that I am most comfit-able with.

I have been looking at the way other WWF advertisements place and use there logo and I have now figured out how to do it and achieve it how I have wanted to in my own designs, There logo is often in a little white box, with either curved edges or square, I will go or the curved way because it looks a lot cleaner to me in this box I will also add he name of each animal that I have done an illustration of.




Picture 32

Originally I was just going to cut around all of the printed features like the logo and the illustration but after doing my tiger Illustration I had a look and found that I was going to be far to hard and time consuming for me to do this, so I have had to think up over Alternatives and I have a couple below are a couple of edit.’s of possible outcomes that I need to choose from.


Picture 35

Basic shapes just to show possible outcomes and layouts.


Picture 36


Finished Tiger Head Illustration

Picture 37


Possible outcomes with the Illustration In, I personal think that the best one in my opinion is the bottom left, simple because as a composion it works better to me the lines and the negative space go, Having the small gap around the outside of the illustration works better, it links the wood together better.

Job done now I need to crack on and finish haha.


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Rhino Sketches

As I have sketching most of today because I’ve actually got a whole day off work for once so I thought this would be a good idea.

I began by quickly sketching using 1 image that I already had and I just used pencils, pens and markers.


None of them are any good but at least there giving me practice which is what I need at this point in time.


I am pretty happy with this 2 minute sketch it came out looking not to bad, I used a pencil to create the rhinos bodies contours.



I gave up on this one.

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Design Phase 2, After Feedback

After first initially creating my groups semiotics poster I decide it would be really beneficial to have some people give me feedback on it and they really liked the design there were just a few things that needed to be changed and moved about to make the poster a final outcome.

Semiotics Poster

The photo below shows the feedback that I was given from my teacher and this is the first copy of the design, the things that she pointed out on that I should and needed to improve were as following:

  • The history information underneath the title is too long it needs to be broken up and adjusted.
  • The different aspects of semiotics need to have a bit more information to help the reader understand semiotics better.
  • There could possible be some more images around the large central image.
  • I need better examples for the sign’s sections.

From this I adjusted everything to a stage were I thought it a finished product, but even now I have just seen a couple of things that I need to change, so I decided to do my own feedback sheet, proof reading it all and looking for any errors no matter how small they were and here’s what I came up with:

  • Move the top right hand logo in line with the body text below?
  • I found a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • The bottom section’s bottom lines need to be put in line I can’t rely just on the text box to do that.
  • The Example at the bottom needs “Example rather than E.G. to tie in with the rest of the poster better”.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 12.10.52


Design Adjustments:

  • So basically taking every bit of feedback into account I began adjusting the poster.
  • With the new addition of the images on the right hand side I felt there was no need to have the lines coming from each focal point which in turn allowed me to have more without over crowing the image.
  • Taking my teacher’s feedback I shortened the top history piece of information and moved the names and dates next to this to make it in line with the rest, this made this section look a lot better and easy on the eye, especially when following the text now, because after all this copy in the photo is a4 not the real size a1 so I need to be critical about my decisions now.
  • As a group we were all in yesterday me, James and Luke, now we discussed what poster we should use between mine and James, after all coming to an agreement we decide to use mine because it was different and more appealing I guess, but we didn’t let James work go to waste, because he’s had good information we went ahead and moved he’s information over to mind, this really helped me out in getting this design done because after all it is a group project so all 3 of us should be involved.
  • After inserting all of the new text I just needed to adjust were everything was slightly because it all seems to have come out of the grids that I made which wasn’t good so all I had to do was re-line everything to make the final poster design.

Final Design:

Picture 2From the Start of this project I had this idea in the back of my mind, but I didn’t think that it would work so I never went ahead with it but I’m so glad I did, it’s just something that I didn’t think a poster on Semiotics could look, I’ve always wanted to do something different, I’m always trying to push myself to do designs that make me happy to be doing them and this one has been my favorite, I have really enjoyed seeing it come together and getting great reviews because of it, getting feedback before the project finishes is something that I will need to do in the future for every project simply because it gives me an insight into what other people see and they can analysis it better than the designer because they havent been working on it and understanding it.


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Design Phase 1

After initially developing my design in the sketch book I went ahead and began to create it in Adobe Illustrator, It is key for me to read the brief because this poster is required to be A1 size which is 594mm x 841mm?, I decided to have my group poster on a landscape axis this is because it will allow me to fit everything in with the image and the text without over crowing it all.

Semiotics PosterI decided a lot of the features along the way when designing this poster, I already had myself the text that would be featured on the poster, it’s a bit hard to talk about the process of designing an intricate piece like this with out screen shots but ill try.

  • After creating a blank canvas to the required size I inserted around 7 starting layers knowing that I would later need more, a lot of these layers have different starting grids that I like to use to first center the canvas and create a border around the edge, doing this now saves me time and effort when I insert the different aspects of the design.
  • I began by inserting the title, I didn’t quiet know what typeface to use because I didn’t want something that was to fancy with to many serif so I used one of my favorite typefaces “American Captain”, I have used this font of several of my designs over the year and this is simply because to me it looks good, it’s different and it stands out of the crowd compared to types like Helvetica and Ariel for me.
  • After inserting the history text underneath the title and the other information this section looked like it was missing something and after playing around I insert the definition of Semiotics and a long under line, this broke up the section and allowed everything to work as a whole for now.
  • Obviously the only image is very large so it was only logical to put this in next I kept the image to it’s 100% size because I didn’t want to allow it to blur or alter in a way that I don’t want it to, once this was put into a position that I was happy with using my grids I simply next started putting in the body text from my document.
  • I didn’t want to use the typeface that I already used for the title simply because it was to bold and stood out too much in my eyes, so I went with my favorite body typeface “Myriad Pro”,. the standard typeface was a little bit to small so I adjusted it to the semi bold type.
  • Keeping with the ascetics of my title section I changed everything to suit this, and it looked really well done, I knew that some things would need to be change but as for a quick last-minute design this one was becoming one of my favorite!
  • As for the sign’s section of the design I needed a way to show were in my chosen photography the different types of signs were, so After playing around with different idea’s, using colours and different line styles I came up with this, it’s almost like a magnifying glass which has a transparency filter in the middle to catch the eye of the viewer subtly.
  • After looking at this design a day later I could see that certain things needed to be changed and I also got one of my teachers to give me some feedback on the design to help me develop it further.

Image used for the poster, which had been noted along the left hand bottom of the poster:




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Design Development

IMG_0355After having a look at some more poster and analysing James poster, I went ahead and began development on my design, the first is basically James but I think it’s layed out a lot better although the image is really basic and crude I can see what I would need to do to create the design, the next features the subtle colour bars that I said about in my research, this would break up the solid colour on the background and the design components would be spaced out correctly over them all.

The last design is the one I really like and the one that I think will work the best and look the best simply because it is different to every other design I have seen to do with semiotics and this is a poster that people might hang up so I want it to look good.

Basically this design will feature a single image in the middle with the different aspects of Semiotics being pointed out if they can be, the image will be found simply because I can’t get the type of image that I want to use but I will have to make sure that I can use the image legally first and I will note the source on the poster, I have already done all of the research for the information that will be used on the poster so what I have left to do know is to design it using Adobe illustrator.

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Semiotics Poster Analysis

So even though I am now creating my own poster for me a Luke for our semiotics poster I still think it will be relevant to analysis James’s to see what works well on he’s design and to see what can be improved and what doesn’t work.

IMG_0337So basically this is the last copy I have been sent from James for the group semiotics poster and I did like it but Luke has pointed out to me that the design Is pretty much a copy of another design!, so I we have decided to do something original and hopefully successful for our poster, there are aspects that I like on this design though like the colour scheme, other than that the design is very basic and it doesn’t really step of the norm, I do like simple designs but I think this design is lacking, this is just my opinion and I hope to have my design done soon.

semiotics-poster-finalJames design is pretty much a copy of this one…




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Semiotics Research Part 2?

After our decision to create our own back-up poster I need to do some research into effective informational posters, this is important for us to do because our poster is an informational poster, I want to see how other companies have created easy to follow/read poster, I want to see the typefaces and the quantities of images used as well as the colour schemes used.

My goal is just to analysis these few poster to say what works and what doesn’t and what aspects could work well for my own poster:

Burning Fuel: The Average Car vs. The Average HumanAs for the information I’m not really bothered I’m looking more on the ascetics of the design and this design is really easy on the eyes making it appealing at least to me, the colour scheme is nice for a poster because a heavy colour for a background will in my opinion make the poster to harsh on the eyes.  Using bright section of colour really brings the viewers eyes to them sections, this is something I could possibly use? The simple images is the way we need to go I think, this will save time and effort without making the poster to simple, semiotics is the basics of a design so I see no need to over complicate the design.

Our Favorite DrugsWith-out looking at the hideous dark background colour the overall design works really well, the information contrasts very nicely so contrast between every aspect is something that I really need to think about, the images on this design are really good and they have used the space given so well, I could possibly try to see how I could incorporate this is my semiotics poster?

Periodic Table of TypefacesAlthough this poster is very simple on the eyes the concept works really well and this is something our poster could look like, the text stands out a lot because of the contrast between it and the background, the background features a very subtle colour gradient which is something that I could really use on my poster but this will depend on the overall styling which will be decided after this post in the design development stage.

Breakdown of Average Student Budgetlooking at the colour scheme has given me the idea to possible play around with the background possible by having horizontal colour bars going across to break up the solid white?, these would be really subtle anything to strong would make the design look a bit weird and like a present, But after looking at this design I have decide also to go with a blur toned colour scheme this is easy on the eyes while creating a calm looking poster, I could possible use different shades of blue for different aspects of the design, like the titles?, underlines and block text?

Where we liveHaving a single large image that is easily recognizable and simple could really help with the overall composition of the design, this one image would have to be though put and suitable enough to describe and aid in the understanding of semiotics, having the poster this unusual shape as well could look really nice for this poster design, this is something that will need to be developed in my sketching phase which will be next.

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Semiotics Decision

So it’s the last week for my group to get this Semiotics project done and me and Luke have come across a problem, James the other member of the group hasn’t been in for a while for us to talk to him about the project and this is a problem because me and Luke are lacking in work because we need he’s work to analysis and feedback, So we have decide as a back up plan that we are going to design our own semiotics poster using a selected idea from my initial sketches.

Now going ahead with my own design I am going to do what I would do in any other project and that is to do some more research into the designs it’s self and to develop my own sketches along enough to create our own final outcome, were only doing this because it’s kind of unfair for us that James has all of the work and we pretty much have nothing after the initial designing phase.

so I need to do some more research to help me develop my chosen idea, I already have a good ideas for colour schemes and typeface, the main problem is the time scale we have left we need to design some logos and images to help the posters viewers to understand the different aspects of Semiotics.


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