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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Final App Icon Design’s

After all of my altercations with my app background designs I decide to keep them simple and unique to each app but close enough that they worked as a set. I decided to colour each app background to the colour that I chose in my design development in my sketchbook, doing this I also decided to keep my app images really simple and I decided to just keep them as silhouettes rather than coloured images.

Picture 1I decided to start with the Speedometer app icon image second because I knew this app image would be hard to design and create, I keep it really simple and just made it just as an semiotics “Icon”. so it still has a physical resemblance to what it is. I at first struggled to create the lines even around the circle but then my teacher showed me a pretty cool and easy tool to do this all evenly and perfect, I first had to use the pen tool first to draw a line that I wanted copied around, I had to position it to the correct spot and then keeping it selected I used the rotate tool to position a centre point, while doing this I keep my finger on the “ALT” key, this brings up the option menu that is in the screenshot, This is the tricky bit. You need to figure out how many lines you want around the circle or the degrees, for mine I put n “360/40” but for the larger lines they were done at “360/8”, this tool is useful and a definite assets for me in future designs.

Below are my final 7 App icon designs:

Picture 2Now that I have the ability to take decent screenshot you can see my top shadow addition, this is something that I have seen on a lot of other app designs on my IPhone and this I think adds so much to my designs, it breaks up the nearly solid colour which is the background and it adds another layer and an almost 3D effect to the design.

Picture 6The colours that I decided to use for each app was purely just me, as a designer and an artist I feel that I has decent knowledge in what different colours can mean for certain objects or positions this is why the app icons background are how they are and they all needed to be different to one another! ha.

Picture 7

Picture 8This Image design was a bit more complicated than I original wanted it to be, so I needed to add in another grid to help me line up the measurement lines, I keep all of the lines at 1pt originally but the design didn’t look right so I changed the back lines which went through the measurement bar thing to 0.25pt which looked right to me.

Picture 3My first app icon which helped me decide everything for all of the others.

 Picture 9I found this app image for the app icon harder than I thought I would, This is mainly because I have no idea what these things are called so I designed one instead of looking at images of them for inspiration, I used the rotate tool again like I did with the Speedometer design, but because I needed this part to be filled I had to manually brush the white in because I can’t remember how to combine all of the lines to create a smart object.

Picture 11This app design was always going to look like this, there was no need for me to change or edit this icon simply because it works so well, I would just be wasting time which could be sent doing more important things for the project.

Picture 4Although this design doesn’t have much to it, I think this one works as one of the best, it’s a really simple “Icons” which is easily recognisable to nearly everyone so this app icon was hugely successful and very easy to create.

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Well im finding it pretty hard to find a font that is even close to the informational text on the feel good bottles, so I have decided to have a look at other possible typefaces that I could use, Having a look at the fonts that are available on my computer there isn’t really anything that is suitable they’re all to playful of to serious I’m looking for something right in the middle, so I had a look on dafont.com for some possible options.

I would copy the demo text but the website doesn’t allow me, so the next couple of typefaces are really for my own personal reference:

Handwriting style:

Brain Flower

Higher than High

DK pisang


These are the few that I found, they are all handwriting style, this is because I want my design to have that child like feel, which I think could be achieved through my typeface choices, but this will be determined in my design process.

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Penguin Books Details

Penguin Large book cover

This is probably the best quality image that I can find that features a basic Penguin Book cover, and for me to understand why certain decisions have been made I need to really look into the design and the layout, the design features 3 sections on the background and 3 components on the top layer, which is the top logo the central type and the bottom logo. This works really well because it splits the design into 3 separate section which can work alone and together just as well. the design on features 4 different colours, the central cream, the outer orange and the black and white on the logos. Using a limited amount of colour simplifies the design further which makes it easier on the eye which in turn makes the design more appealing to a wide audience.

Both of the logo will feature on my cover designs so they will be from this design probably, but overall these penguin books have been designed very well and have been very though out, even tiny little additions are so relevent, like the small line in the middle section which splits the book’s title text from the author, without this the middle section I don’t think would work as well.



Even though the Penguin Books classic design works so well they still played around with it a bit, changing the outer colour, the logo’s slightly and having an additions image in any of the 3 sections, One thing that I need to keep in mind when designing my book jacket is that each section must work as a design and a layout by itself as well as a whole,

One thing that I have noticed through out this image above is that each book has almost been given a personality from what the story is inside, this is something to keep in mind as well.



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Ideology …

In my previous post I had a brief look at Ideology and how it affects the way a design can be perceived by different audiences whether it is age, sex or race., Ideology is something we as designers need to think about, our own beliefs aren’t always the truth others must be considered, to look into this further in class we started to look at the work of “Louis Althusser”, he had the idea of “Interpolation” better known as “Hailing”.

Now hailing is basic terms how people and objects communicate with each other and the best way I found to understand this was with holiday magazines our teacher showed us, one was for expensive holidays abroad on tropical island and the other was for local cheap holidays, these magazines were both advertising holidays but to a different audience and this showed in the way they were both designed. The “Posh” one featured clean and simple designs using fancy and elegant words with expensive paper, ink and techniques with professionally taken photographs, but the “Poor” one was on cheap paper, with poor quality images and designs, this shows that companies and designers have certain audiences they are hailing and this is through the quality of their products/designs.

Every design and product out there is trying to hailing a certain audience and this isn’t always dependent on people’s wealth it can also be done through people sex, race, age, belief’s and pretty much everything that sets us all apart from one another.

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More In-Depth Photography and Layouts

After doing some initial research I realized that I really need to think about what type of photo’s I want to capture and how a correctly layed out page will really help the overall appeal of the photographs.

I am really limited on what type of photo’s I can take at this time of year, I really would like some very bright and colourful images but because it’s winter there aren’t many colours at all, most of the leaves and colours have gone, I went out and got some photo’s but they were all very dark with an overwhelming amount of brown, so because of this I have to re-think on how I am going to capture some colour, so I can at least edit the photo’s to bring out the colour.N

This photo really got me think that I could still take photo’s of the forest but I would have to find somewhere where there’s a lot of moss because even in winter this will still be bright and this will add the colour that I am after for my photo’s.


Now that I have figured out a way that I could get some colour in my images I just need to think about what type of layout would be needed to show of the photo’s in such a way that they aren’t overwhelmed and they can speak for them selves. In my previous project I used a very simple layout which featured very little components and colour but for this 4 page spread I think that I could do something similar but with the image in colour rather than black and white, a simple white background with black and possibly a dark green type colour would work very well, my next step is for me to sketch up some idea’s and make some very basic layouts on Illustrator just to see if they work.

Photography Help:

Looking through several website I came across this article which really helped me and instead of me re-writing it all out I have just simply copied it and pasted it because I was fine how it was.


Forests are, without a doubt, one of the worlds most amazing natural landscapes! As a photography subject they’re incredibly versatile and can go from being mysterious, or downright terrifying, to being majestic and powerful in the space of a few hours!

There is something inherently awe-inspiring about trees, especially when you are surrounded by a seemingly endless host of them. Be it their magnificent size or enigmatic beauty, in the depths of the forest we remember nature’s ability to thrive.

In a moment we’ll take a look at some inspiring forest-based photography, but first we’ll outline a few simple tips that could get you well on your way to capturing something of the essence of the forest!

Take Time

One of the beautiful things about landscape photography is that there is no need to hurry. Take your time and get a real feel for what it is you want to capture. Time is on your side. Lighting conditions can change dramatically throughout the day, and if you’re really fortunate, the perfect shot may find you!

Wander through the forest and consider all the possible vantage points, try out both wide and telephoto lenses. A wide lens angled upwards at the trees can bring out the majestic size and scale of your subject, while a telephoto lens is useful for compressing a row of tree trunks and capturing patterns in the trees.

A Point of Interest

As with any photograph, find yourself a good point of interest. It could be a particularly fascinating tree, a splash of unexpected colour, or a pattern in the trees that simply begs you to photograph it.

Whatever your point of interest ends up being, it’s vital that you compose your shot in a way that highlights your point of interest to the viewer. Look for interesting patterns in the light; forests have some unique lighting conditions all of their own. Look for rays of sunlight piercing the canopy and creating pools of light on the forest floor.

In Every Season

Forests are a truly wonderful photography subject all year round. In any season, under any weather conditions, and at any time of day forests can show you a new side to their character. From the bright colours of autumn and the bleak depths of winter, to the thriving life of spring.

Hopefully the photographs below will inspire you to get out and capture something of the awesome beauty of the forests.

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Subculture: HIP HOP

So for this project we have to create a front cover and a 2 page spread to go in “Creative Review”, but first I have to choose a subculture to look into and to design my work around. I have chosen to look into the Hip Hop subculture, this was and easy choice for me because I have always listened to Hip Hop music and I have alway been interested in thing that go hand in hand with the Music and the lifestyle like graffiti art and fashion. I know a decent amount about the Hip Hop way of think and design from album covers and magazines but for this project I want to learn more, I will research about how the subculture started and what things in the world influenced it.


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How Communication works

Communication is a very important aspect of any design, so knowing how to works is key to creating a good piece of work of advertisement. This communication table applies to everything pretty much, talking, TV, music, internet, etc, every piece of communication works under these principles.

I have only just learnt about this and it really has opened up my personal way of thinking as a design and a person, now the thing that I really need to look at is the “NOISE”, this can determine a good or a bad design. There are 3 kinds of noise “Technical, Semantic and Effectiveness”.




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The History of Typrography

I was thinking about this project and what aspects of type I am using and I realised that It would be necessary and important for me to have a detailed timeline of the “History of Typography”, Now instead fo me writing out a load of importation that I would pretty much be copying off of a document or image I have decided to just put some different images on here to show the “History of Type”, I will of course acknowledge these source for the important and hopefully this post will help me with my own postcard designs.




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Letter Abstraction

Our teacher today showed us something very interesting and unique, “letter Abstraction” he first showed us some poster and adverts that use this.

He showed us a good way to experiment with it and really look at the shapes of each letter in different fonts.

First off we had to draw a rectangle, it didn’t matter what size it was up to us.

Using what I had learnt earlier and posted at the being of the week we had to split the rectangle into a grid.

Using the text we I inserted a “A”, which ever box I was going to use I had to select it and bring it to the front.

This next part was the most important part to get right I had to select the letter and the box I brought forward and go onto the Object drop down menu, clipping path and Make, this would make the box become almost a frame to stop what ever is outside the box being shown.

After double clicking on the box and opening up the “Group” I can adjust where I want the Letter to be, depending on were the letter is I can change what is being shown in the box.


I decided to make it easier and to make it have some purpose I decide to do each Box in alphabetical order along with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, all in the same font.

After the long and tedious task of doing this to each box you end up getting a very unique design which could be ideal for a poster or an advert, personal I don’t think that I will be using this in my current design project but it could be useful for my to use in future projects.

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