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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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2nd Design Process

After previously designing my 1st full book jacket going about creating this design would be pretty much the same, so I went about it the same.

Picture 1

I started by using the template that I created before to aid in my time-saving for my first design, this helped me a lot because it had all of the boundary lines and it had a basic grid to help me line up.

Picture 2

Using the lines from a source of the internet, I began the design by creating 2 boxes that I filled with correct colour scheme that I had previously chosen, at this stage more grids are needed for the up and coming aspects that are yet to be made/inserted.

Picture 3

I first got the green colour from my editing in Photoshop, I have used the same penguin logo at the top that I did in my 1st design, but to make it suitable for this design I had to change the background colour.

Picture 4

I had the great Idea of using the same set up/ layout from my previous design on this one, all I had to do was change the information to the correct lot given to, there was no point in changing/ re-designing something that I had already spent a lot of time doing, this was all good and time-saving but certain things were time-consuming in doing this, I first needed to change the background colour on the small orange penguin logos in Photoshop and then I had to adjust the layout of the blur and the spine text to accommodate the centre box being longer.

Picture 5

I next added in the image that I had created in Photoshop, I wanted the image to be bold and easily recognisable which it is, I made the illustration by collecting a UK map image off of the internet, I selected the whole of the background which allowed me to copy the shape of the map, creating a new canvas I pasted this copy and filled in the areas with the colour scheme.

Picture 6

I didn’t want the image to be floating on the front cover so I put it off to the side slightly cutting out a little bit of the design, this doesn’t affect the image in any way it is still easily recognisable.

Picture 8

This is just a quick screenshot of the completed design with all of the grids visible, The titles type was easy for me to do because after trial and error with the previous book cover, I already did all of the research and visual editing, the type on this design is all Gill Sana MT, this is because it is the standard Penguin font and I have continued to use it because of its simplicity and liability.

Picture 7

The final design showcases the classic look of a penguin book, the colour scheme works really well I think, it is very easy on the eyes and it makes the design look very simple which is something that I like, overall a success.

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Book 2 Research

Even though I could design a book jacket in the classic Penguin book style, I didn’t think it would be very suitable seeing that the book says on the blur that it features photography inside, this put me off going for a very classic looking design.


I wanted to still keep the design simple using very limited colours but I wanted it to more modern, The type will saying the same I think simply because there’s no need to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed, the typeface I very easy to read and it does the job well, the size might be adjusted from the classic design but other than that it will stay the same.


Now because this book is about “The Natural History of Britain and Ireland” I straight away started to think about doing a green book cover, this will emphasis the nature side of the book, while keeping it still interesting and modern.



After looking at this design I realised that instead of doing the whole design in a green colour I could just make the image solid and fill it the green colour while keeping the background a cream colour, keeping in with the theme of classic penguin books, the black type works really well on this design and the various colours on the image is something that I colour think about.


The more I look at design feature this type of clean, solid images the more I want to use it, these design have a bit more detail than the previous design but this works even better than the last I think, one thing that I have to take into consideration is the amount of time I have to design and create this design, 4 hours from now It has to be in.



Finding this design was a treat, the colours are exactly what I was envisioning, this helps me a lot because now I don’t have to muck around seeing if the colours work because I see that they do.


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Finished Design Print Out

After creating the design I did a final print out to see if everything worked and looked correct and everything did, it looks good and the colours work well together, but I won’t be able to see how it looks 100% till I print it out on the correct paper and mount it to an actual book.


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Greek Myths and Legends Design Process

After doing extensive research and developing my idea’s I am now creating my design on the computer using Abode Illustrator and Photoshop.

Picture 1

I started by setting up some layers that I know that I would need, like grid layers, image ones and text ones, no doubt there will be plenty more by the end of the design phase.

Picture 2

I started by first making the canvas to the correct size, which is 283mm across and 197mm in height, from this I added my first grid which allowed me to set up the correct sizes for each page and the spine, which is 23mm in width.

Picture 3

Using an Image that I previously collected and worked from I made the 3 boxes which is feature on classic penguin Books, I noticed that the bottom orange box in slightly larger than the top, although the boxes are in orange at the moment they will change later on in the design Phase.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Screenshot of type comparing.

Picture 6

Screenshot of title type line up using a another grid to centre it up.

Picture 9

The next step of type was the books author’s name, which wasn’t in bold which I could easily see from comparing it to my collected source.

TypeFace: Gill Sans MT, Regular, 18 pt, centred.

Picture 10

something that I noted from images of classic Penguin Books was that they all had a small line separating the title to the author’s name, my line was small, only 2cm long and a 2 pt size, this will be in the same colour as the outer section.

Picture 12

Screenshot of how the line works so well and this is before the colour change.

Picture 13

Just a quick screenshot of the amount of layers just used at this point during the design process.

Picture 14

I now moved onto the spine type aspects of the design, I first rotated the type 90 degree’s and made a small grid to line it up correctly.

Spine Type: Gill Sans MT, Regular, 22 pt, Centred

Picture 15

I decided to have a quick look at the colour aspects of the design, I originally change the outer boxes to purple but on a quick test print it was too hard to see the type on the colour so I will later change it, This screenshot also features the grid that I am currently using.

Picture 17

After my realisation of the colour troubles I went about changing it to a more suitable colour, after mucking about I was set on this, clean, simple and calm on the eyes, this light blue worked well with the whole design.

Colour Details: 210, 74, 93, 62, 166, 237, 63, -15, -38, 68, 22, 0, 0, color for Abobe Programs.

Picture 18

The all important Penguin Logo, I was originally going to use the penguin without the orange around it, but after seeing how well it set the blue off and the whole design I knew that I made the right choice, the logo was centred using a grid.

Picture 19

To make it obvious that the stories in this book aren’t really I noted that on Some Other Penguin Books had the genre of the book on th cover, So I though It would look good to have them On either side of the title on the vertical, I doing this is makes the genre obvious but subtly.

Picture 22

Having all of these little features works really well together and they are all relevent, the bar code was collected for a secondary source and the other information was noted from another source which has been collected.

Picture 23

Reverse type: Body Text; Gill Sans MT, Regular, 12 pt, Centred, Bottom Text; Gill Sans MT, Regular, 10 pt, Centred

This is the final design and I am really happy with it, it looks exactly like a classic penguin Book and every feature works well together, it was made within the 3 hour time limit . Certain decisions really affected how the design came out looking and I’m really happy with it.

The only thing that I would like to change possibly in the future is to have an image subtle on the design somewhere, possible within the top logo on the front or the back, maybe I could develop this further if time allows me and the computer works with me.

Next step will be to research more and design my next book jacket when I have been given the topic. The book jackets will be mounted onto actual books for my portfolio, this will really show them off in a good way.


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Penguin Book Details 2

So realising that I have a very limited amount of time to collect secondary sources and information to use on my designs I collected a large image of a classic Penguin book and coypied the logo’s using the magnetic Lasso Tool, I did this in Adobe Photoshop. The magnetic Lasso was the perfect tool to use for this job becuase it sticks the edges were i drag my mouse allowing me to copy the whole logo very quickly and easily.

The Image that I used:

Penguin Large book cover

The top and bottom logo’s In a seprate file ready to be placed into the final design’s when ready.

Top Penguin Logo

Bottom Penguin Logo

Here’s the basic copies I will need to clean them up and edit them a tiny bit, It has really helped me doing this now rather than later, this will save me alot of valuable time on the time.

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