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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Poster Fronts/ Reverse

I was originally going to create my own collage background for my postcards but after trail and error and the time left to get this project done I decided to use a small section of a Piece of art made by “Shepard Fairey” called ” Eye Alert” the white version. I have done this because In our brief it allows us to use found Images on our postcards if we put down somewhere on the postcard where and who we got them off of.

This is basically what I wanted to do but this way it’s a lot easier, In later project with a longer time period to get it done I would like to create my own collage patterns.


So this is what It came out looking like, and it’s ok looking but I still think my own pattern would look better, but overall it is very legible and it gets the information points straight across fast and simply.


With the reverse of the postcards I designed them In the same step by step processes by first creating some suitable layers and arranging them in an order that I can successfully get each components in easily and correctly.


This is the reverse of the Interpunct postcard, I really wanted the reverse to go along nicely with the simple front of the postcard and it does in my eyes, It doesn’t look right with white background but when it is printed out on the ivory card I have it should look and work very nicely.


I will have to stick down the front design to the reverse to get it to look and work correctly.

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“Garamond ” Postcard Computer Design

As with all of my computer work on Adobe Illustrator I first set up some layers according to the components I plan on putting in the design.

Grids are a main component and necessity for this design, everything has to be lined up perfectly, so I’ve created several “Grid layers” for the different grids in my design, each grid will allow me to line up different aspects of the design independently.

The first grid was just a simple 2 row grid with no space in between it, I did this becuase I want to design the front and the reverse of the postcard on the same A4 document, In doing this it will allow me to compare them better and it will also allow me to save ink and printing paper for test prints and mistakes.

The next grid was for me to line up my type components of my design, I didn’t know what dimensions this grid was going to be iI just ut on the preview and adjusted it to accommodate my text components of the design.

The last grid was again created using the preview method, the reason it has so many rows and collums is becuase I want the boarders of around the outside of the document to be very close to the edges.

Although my design is very simple and lacking at this stage, I have done this because the canvas/paper I am printing on will give the piece the characteristics, this computer design was mainly created like this to be very leagable and to get the point across quickly and effectively. I Still need to create the reverse but when I have I will post it up on here…

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More Obey

These aren’t postcards there posters but I can use the same processes, I chosen to look at these designs because of the overall feel, I personally really like the mix matched collage background with a Strong, bold printed message or design, This makes for a unquie design because every piece will be different if I was to create more than one, If I perticually like a Collage I could always scan it in and develop it on a computer.

When looking at this design I really want to create my own collages, Back when I was doing my Art A Level’s I did a whole personal project using collages in my own work to create a background, ( giving the canvas/piece an artificial history). This design works for me because of the strong printed black design and this is something that I want to use in my own postcard design, because of time restrictions with work and other commitments I wouldn’t be able to do printing in this project but I could possibly in later ones, for this project I am just going to but creating my designs on a computer and printing them out normally.

Even though there’s not much going on colour wise for both designs I think that the way the black has been printed out has been though about a lot, to create shading or less of the black faint lines have been made on the ares were shading is wanted, this in turn puts less black on the final price creating a subtle area.


This is a screen shot I took from a video on how “Shepard Fairey” creates he’s work and this is really good inspiration for my own work.

These design is amazing, the way all of the usual negative space has been transformed into an eye-popping design that attracts the viewer to look about at each element of the design, I really wish that I could use printing in this design but I can’t so… end of, but the wy it changes a design is really fascinating, I Know need to come up with some design using what I have learnt from my ” Shepard Fairey” research.

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Shepard Fairey

I’ve always been a huge fan of “Shepard Fairey’s” work and designs, so I though this project could be a good one to incorporate some of he’s processes into a postcard design, Previously in my Art and Photography A level’s I have used layers to get a specific look or feel for a design and I think that this could work very well for this design project.


He’s bold and in your face designs could work very well with what I’ve got to use, I need to some how create an eye-catching design for my “Garamond” postcard on the front and the back and I have been finding this very hard, Mainly because I couldn’t think what images and style I could use but influences from “Shepard Fairey’s” work, I could kick-start myself to come up with some unique designs.

On the postcard above I really like the fact that the design isn’t on a usual coloured background/paper, this could be something I could brief look into because of time restrictions but none the less it could be the difference between a rubbish design and a good one. The limited colours works very well, its bold and in your face but not over power I feel it’s just below that, as soon as I looked at these designs I felt that I could create a pattern out on my type, in different sizes and at different angles, this is sort of what I was talking about on my previous postcard post, the way an object whether it’s a photo, a colour or a piece of text can be positioned at an angle is different to a lot of designs out there, so this is something I want to look at.

After watching this video on YouTube I really want to just experiment with my own designs, Fairey’s work is very political and personal to himself but my work won’t be I just want to use some of he’s processes that I have before in my own design work to give it a unquie and one-off feel, this is only possible for a project like this, because I only need a single printed design for each of my postcards, if these were to be printed on a larger scale I would have to think a bit more on how they would be made and printed.

These are some screenshots from the video above, these show the textures and layers for some of Fairey’s work.



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Shepard Fairey

A really good video, a behind the scenes shot on the process and techniques that Shepard Fairey “The creator of  Obey” uses in he’s mix media pieces. He’s by far one of my favourite Artists out there because of he’s style and themes he uses in he’s Artwork.

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Obey Poster

Obey Exhibit Poster

An Obey create poster advertising an Exhibit on June 22nd back in 2008, you can really appreciate how much time and thought has gone into create such an intricate design. Obey always thinking outside the box…

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