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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Front cover Design Process

After creating my initial front cover image I went on to create my front cover, but when I opened the image up again some of the images were missing so I had to replace them with some and I moved some of them around, so first I created a document in Abode Illustrator to the correct size of “Creative review” which is 220mm height and 211mm wide.

Picture 1I first created a grid using what I had learnt earlier in my previous projects, I made it a basic 10×10 with no space between the boxes.

Picture 2This is how I envisioned the front cover looking along with some more text, but instead of me use leaving it like this I decided to play around with the size and the position of the image to make the front cover look different, but in the end I prefered the way it looked with the white space around the central image.

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 4Originally I wanted to have the words “Hip Hop Edition” like this across the main central image but after doing this and playing around with the colours a bit more I realised that it wasnt going to work so I went back to my research for some more inspiration on were my type was going to go, I went onto “www.dafonts.com” to search for the type design that would suit my design and surprisingly the first category I went on “Sci-Fi” I found exactly what I was looking for and this type is called “Transformers” because it’s the same type for the movies. The reason this font was so go in my eyes was that it was strong and bold just like Hip Hop and that what caught my eye along with the accented middle letters on larger words.

1353519404I wanted to look at a previous “Creative Review” front cover to figure out were my text could go and this cover helped me a lot, I realised that all of my type could go just under the main title just like this cover, so that what I did and I liked it, the only thing was the spacing between some of the letters was a bit big for me so I went into “In Design” to resolve this and after trial and error adjusting them on countless occasions I decided to just leave it how it was because I realised It actually worked better with the original spacing rather than my adjusted one.

Picture 6

Picture 7So this was the final outcome of my front cover In adobe Illustrator before I went into Photoshop to adjust the colours and tones, even though I haven’t really used the font I got off of dafont that much I wanted to have it on here because it is going to be used in my 2 page spread design.

Front cover 3To finish the design I went onto Adobe Photoshop and I put up the exposure slightly and I put down the gamma correction to make the darker tones darker, to finish I ut up the contrast and it’s done finally…

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Front Covers from Various Magazines

It’s all good-looking at “Creative Review” magazine front covers but I feel I could get some more idea’s and inspirations from other magazine’s covers, so I went onto a “www.coverjunkie.com” which is a website that features all good and great magazine front covers from the past and the present, I had a browse through some of the pages and selected some front covers that I feel could be relevent to my own magazine designs, I’m very picky when looking for inspirations whether it’s art or design and these front covers are not exception’s.


In a previous post I was looking at the way creative Review changed there titles aspects to complement or replicate features on the front covers front image and this is something tat I really liked and something that I wanted to do. This cover really takes these idea’s of having a title accommodating the chosen image to the next level, the title really looks like it is part of the whole front pieces art, which it may be but either way it’s a really nice thing to do and it makes each issue different and special in its own unique way.


The front cover caught my eye because of the amount of one single colour and normally for me a huge amount of the same colour doesn’t look right unless it’s white or black but for this design I feel that it works. The image is an illustration rather than a photo or a piece of type which is different and different because it gives the whole front cover a less serious vibe I feel, it make the magazine seem that there not being to serious with the design which works a lot of me because not everything as to be so serious, but for my magazine design I want the opposite I want people to take it seriously and read about the subculture in a good way taking it seriously, so I think for this project an illustration may be out of the question but this will depending and has not been totally written off yet…


Continuing on from the solid colour looking front covers this one uses one of the worst colours in my opinion but as a design it works very well the title is clean and legible which is needed on a good magazine design, using a solid colour on my designs is something that I am getting interested in doing but I have to first come up with some design that it could work with.

The 3 front cover shots below are more to do with “Hip Hop” rather than just design, saying this each cover shows great design thinking and knowledge, the reason I wanted to look at the few rather than ones covers from “Creative Review” was that I wanted to get a better and broader view and perspective on different front covers. I really like the idea of using well though out pieces of urban photography in my designs, I think that in doing this it will allow me to get the subcultures idea’s and life style across better, as for the people in the photo’s I haven’t really though about that yet but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure this out once I get a better idea of my final designs.

Certain techniques and themes that would make some great photo’s would be to use the depth of field to my advantage to create a central focused photo/’s, I have always been more of a fan or black and white photography rather than coloured so in my design this will properly be the case, on this that I really want to get good the photo is the lighting because this can be the difference between a bad set of photo’s and a good set. All of the photo’s below have used the basic of what I want to and they have all came out looking great and have a clear audience and intention.




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Creative Review

For this project I need to design 2 pieces that look like they have come straight out of creative review, which is a graphic design magazine, the first is a front cover and the second is a 2 page spread, these are both going to be design around the subculture that I have Chosen “Hip Hop”, the way I see myself learning about how “Creative Review” looks and works is by looking at past front covers and past 2 page spreads. Now because this is “Going to be for a design magazine” everything must be perfect, the images, the layouts, the colours, the type, everything…

This is a 2 page spread from a recent “Creative Review” this type of magazine is aimed at professionals and people interested in the Creative Industry. This layout is very unconventional as it is in fact a contents page, it uses images arranged in different size quadrilaterals to direct people to the appropriate pages, this design is overall simple but because of the layout and different images it makes it look allot busier than it actually is.

Even though this layout has been used for a contents page I think it could work very well for a 2 page spread on a subculture, the image could almost show “a day in the life?” of someone involved in the “Hip Hop Subculture”, but after I have collected some research I will begin looking at some idea’s for the front cover and the 2 page spread.

This is another 2 page spread from a previous “Creative Review”  and I am really liking the compassion of these 2 page spreads in this magazine, I think this is because of the various sized images and because I am a visual person I prefer clean and image orientated design and a design like this really makes me want to design my own based around my subculture. I prefer this layout more than the previous one simply because it’s more clean, this is because the images are layed out and sized better I think and the is a uniform border around the images and text, But I still want to look and test the other design because It could suit my subculture better but I defiantly want my 2 page spread to be image based.

As before here’s another layout, now this one has no borders which does work with some designs but I feel with this design it doesn’t,  I think that it needs something, some negative space, even a small border would do it but to be honest I don’t know what the article is about so I cannot judge but for my it doesn’t look very though out.

For my own “Creative Review” 2 page spread I really want it to be primarily imaged based and this is a good layout to show off some images along with a decent amount of supporting text, A very large high quality image will add so much visual information the viewer will have  choice but to look and a good designer will use an image than isn’t 100% explainable thorough itself a small piece of supporting text could push someone to read the whole article which is the whole point of a magazine for people to read the information and stories that are inside.

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