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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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In class this week we all had to create a presentation in the PECHA KUCHA style, 20 slides with 20 seconds on each, I found it really hard, simply because I hate talking in front of crowd to a couple of people I would be fine but not no more, but it was eye opening because in the industry this is needed, we are often needed to present out idea’s and thoughts.

But below is mine, not very good and inspiring but hey It worked.

Presentation Alex R

Sorry that its in a PDF format couldn’t get it to be a movie no here.

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Final Punctuation Mark

Below is my final design for my Rhetorical Question mark, I really didn’t have a lot of time to get this project done and I would really like to of spent a lot more time on it and maybe in the future I could? But as for now here is my final presentation design after 1 day:

Do bears live in the woods

Using what I have previously learnt during my year studying graphic design I have come along way in my knowledge of typefaces and design, with this quick project I decided to show my punctuation mark in 3 different typefaces, Helvetica, Garamond and my favorite typeface American Captain,  I really thought about the way the design would look because there isn’t a lot to this at all and that’s what I like about it so much – I centered all of the different type and underlined the 3 different sentences, each one has a different line thickness to suit the selected typeface above.

With my punctuation mark I really had to think carefully how big I wanted it to be for each typeface and this took my a while to figure this out after adjusting it so many times but in the end I decided to make it the same size as the S at the end of each sentence, this would give it some uniformity and neatness, so It was suitable.

At first I didn’t think the design would need any explanation or anything but my Mum asked me what did it mean so I decide to add the brief explanation at the top with the punctuation mark and a detailed breaker line to separate the title from the design work?

Overall I found this project very fun, it was really fasted pasted and interesting to say the least.

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Idea Development

Picture 9

Above Is the first screen shot of many what will follow but this is just the basics of my design, I have the featured logo and the page links below.

After having a go at creating my basic webpage design I have thought about new ideas and features that would work really well with my design, I still need to figure out which ones I will be using because at the moment I am just adding a lot more work for myself, but basically the list below has my new thoughts:

  • Have black and white images of the first page and the full coloured ones when clicked on to the new page.
  • Have program images on my about me page.
  • Have a image of myself on the about me page.
  • Possibly stack the title’s words in the same style and have it to the right hand or left hand side.
  • Decide how to add work to the portfolio’s page.


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IPhone Icon Research

Good preparation in a project is key, so with this in mind I have decided to collect some relevent information that I will need when designing my app icons and app page, what I have initially found out is that different “Apple” devices has different sized screens, so the app icons and obviously the app pages are going to be different, with this in mind I have decided to design my apps for my current phone, an “IPhone 4S”.

I collected this information off of http://www.idev101.com/code/User_Interface/sizes.html, it has the comparison between the IPhone 4s and the 5, these are all the precise sizes for the IPhone home screen.


Element iPhone 4S (and earlier) iPhone 5
Window (including status bar) 320 x 480 pts 320 x 568 pts
Status Bar
(How to hide the status bar)
20 pts 20 pts
View inside window
(visible status bar)
320 x 460 pts 320 x 548 pts
Navigation Bar 44 pts 44 pts
Nav Bar/Toolbar Icon white icon – up to 20 x 20 pts (transparent PNG)
Tab Bar 49 pts 49 pts
Tab Bar Icon up to 30 x 30 pts (transparent PNGs)
Text Field 31 pts 31 pts
Height of a view inside
a navigation bar
416 pts 504 pts
Height of a view inside
a tab bar
411 pts 499 pts
Height of a view inside
a navbar and a tab bar
367 pts 455 pts
Portrait Keyboard (English) 320 x 216 pts 320 x 216 pts
Landscape Keyboard (English) 480 x 162 pts 568 x 162 pts
Launch Image
(Launch Image Sizes
for iPhone & iPad
640 x 960 pixels 640 x 1136 pixels

With a bit of reading around and comparing various sites I have found out that the App icons are  57×57 pixels, which is very small but this is the size I will design to, I could possibly design them bigger for the presentation but then also do them to the correct size.

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Magazine Spreads

In the project before this I had a good look at some 2 page spreads that have been in “Creative Review” and other magazines but for this project I wanted to have a look at some more nature related designs, I want this 4 page spread to be very in your face, this I will achieve from my chosen images. But before I start to design for my 4 page spread I wanted to look at some more 2 page spreads.

MagSpreads_Magazine-Design-Student-Layout-Gabe Ferreira-01

I am really liking spreads that have a full size image covering as a background, it’s a good way of attracting a viewer to the piece, its bold and visually appealing, so I think that something like this will really work well in this project but I need to figure out some different layouts on how big the image will be, how my it will cover and how to can link the two 2 page spreads together.


I came across this 2 page spread randomly while looking for Nat Geo spreads, the reason I like it is because it utilizes 3 colours that work really well together red, black and white, a design using this colours will always be visually appealing but the design needs to be interesting aswell, I do think though that a single image cover a whole page looks nice and it works but it will be very hard for me to link this to the other 2 page spread without it looking very boring and uninspiring.


Before I was looking at some alternative nature photo’s were the colours have been edited or they have been captured in a different way and this photo that has been used as the background for the 2 page spread have ben taken using a different shutter speed this allows the camera to essentially capture more information for the one photo instead of the usual shutter speed which would capture a moment in time, this photo probably has been taken using a 2 second shutter speed which has made the person slightly blurry along with the waves were they have been moving.

This is something that I could think about using but I feel that it will only work on streams and the wind? in a forest not much more unfortunately.


Thinking about time lapsing I wanted to have a look at a 2 page spread that uses this and although this spread isn’t about forests it  showed my something that I forgot that I have previously looked at and that is light streams this is capture using longer shutter speeds that capture the motion and the movement of a cars light, if my forest photo’s turn out to be dull and a dud I can always do some of this…


Still looking at big, strong solid images for a background this urban piece works really well, the colours are reversed in the way that the background is darker and the text is lighter this is something that I could experiment with.

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Poster Project Final Edit

So after our first “Crit” we all had things that were mentioned that could improve our designs and I forgot to post this up when I did it some here they are.

So this was the design that I handed in and I was pretty happy with it but I knew that there were some things that I could have changed but didn’t, now the group picked up on these minor problems and we are allowed to edit the appropriately.

So the things that were suggested that for me to change was to move the information text from the top to the bottom to help with the flow of the design and the only other suggestion was for me to make to the central circler image smaller.


Not much has changed but because of these small changes it make a whole lot of difference and I think that it works a lot better know, the text flows better and the images is over sized and over powering for this simple and minimalist design. Without these “Crits” it would be very hard to receive honest and design helpful advise.



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The History of Typrography

I was thinking about this project and what aspects of type I am using and I realised that It would be necessary and important for me to have a detailed timeline of the “History of Typography”, Now instead fo me writing out a load of importation that I would pretty much be copying off of a document or image I have decided to just put some different images on here to show the “History of Type”, I will of course acknowledge these source for the important and hopefully this post will help me with my own postcard designs.




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Brief: Project Typographic Postcards


Having undertaken an initial project on type in the environment you are now asked to develop your skills with type and to show how you are able to apply it. You are also asked to explore the development of type and to begin to understand how and why typography is the result of its history.

You are to imagine that St Bride Library is holding a three-day conference about the history of Typography. In order to promote this conference they have issued a series of postcards. Half of these postcards describe a specific typeface and it’s designer. The other postcards show an aspect of the history of type.

The Brief

You are to design TWO A5 postcards to promote the History of Type conference at St Bride.

One of your postcards will be of a specific typeface. You will be allocated this. The aim of this postcard is to visually describe and highlight the characteristics, unique qualities and key aspects of the typeface. The reverse of this postcard should include a blurb of no more than 50 words that explains who designed this typeface, what was their reason for doing so and what special purposes this typeface fulfils (if you can find these things out).

The second postcard should describe in an interesting manner any aspect of the history of typography. This aspect is of you choice and can be very specific or more general. You may use found images but must credit/reference these on the reverse of the card. Also on the reverse of the card you must include a blurb of no more than 50 words describing why the aspect of type history that you have chosen is significant and important in the development of type.

Both cards must also include on the reverse the following text:

The History of Type Conference at St Bride Library

1st-3rd December 2011


Please note that this is a very short project and you must submit two fully finished postcards.

Research and development

I will need to present a body of work that shows that I have carried out research into the history of typography, as well as the uses and applications of type. I must demonstrate how this research informs my ideas generation, development and realisation.

The Type font that I have been given to develop for my first postcard is ” Garamond”

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Final Poster

When checking my design I found a really obvious mistake in the title I missed out the letter P in the first word of the title “TYPOGRAPHIC”.

This is the design that I have chosen to go with:


Final Poster Design: 

Pluses: The main pluses for me on my final poster designs it that it is nice and simple, all of the components work well together and everything is evenly spaced and correctly coloured, I gave the image a ting amount of colour in the way of a light “Sepia” filter and I feel this makes the image very subtle and appealing to the eye. The Typography for me has been correctly spaced apart from one another and the font really aids the central design.

Minuses: To honest the design wasn’t what I originally wanted but after developing it to a printable final piece I don’t feel this way any more.


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