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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Final Major Project

So yesterday we got given our final major project and basically we have to decide what we are going to do and write our own brief specifying what we are going to do, this is a lot harder than it sounds.

The possibilities are endless, I could design around or for anything, any company, any place, any body, so I really need to decide and do some research into what I might want to do. So what I haven’t done in a while is I went down to the library and had a look at some different books, mainly “Communication arts, the illustrative editions” I know that for this project I really want to use some illustration, I really want to get into sketching and art again like I was before this course in my Art A levels and GCSE’s.

Below are some shoots of design that I like and find interesting, all of these are from the books in the library which I found really useful because instead of sitting at a computer searching for specific topics and key words I came across things that I wouldn’t usually find or could find on the internet so despite what I thought before books and libraries are very useful.


I really like this whole two-tone double print style, it can really add some depth and contrast to an already interesting design, this could be something that I could look into a bit more and possibly experiment with in this project In my design and development stage.




I doubt that I will use photography in my design  work simply because I have used it a lot before in previous projects and it isn’t something I want to use, I really want to have a proper look and go at illustration, it has been a couple of years since I last properly used and drew but I’m sure this will bring my passion for design back I hope.




I really nice final print in a book from the library, I featured a completely matt finish for the background but then with a metallic top print in the sliver, this whole double print is getting pretty interesting and I really want to use or at least try it out just to see what I can do with it because right now it seems like the possibilities are vast and eye-opening for design.


Clean and simple design it where it’s at for me, it always has been but I really want to do something different for this project…


I have always wanted to try to use this technique in my own design work but the opportunity has never came up or the process has never been suitable for what I am doing at the time, Basically its a bit hard to tell but the pattern over the red is very small and fine print type, this can be any size type style or colour but it does look really eye-catching because it often encourages a second look or closer expectation.


Black and white photography Is one of my most favorite styles so it is something that I could use but I probably will not.



The designs above feature this really unique transparent circle with type in, this allows the image below to be seen completely with a new spice and style.


What I wrote about earlier with the two layer printing this design above and below could feature this, the image may of been printed first and the red with the type may have been done after, the design may have had more than 2 printings but this is something that I would like to look into a bit more and try out for myself.



These shadow figures are more than they seem they have been created by smaller fingers, the negative spaces and the dark shadows are all working as on to create a larger image, I know this is called something but I can’t for the life of me remember right now maybe I will remember soon haha.


I have always really liked illustration especially strong graphic styles and certain illustrators out there’s work can be recognized simply by there own unique style, I would like to experiment with my own style and possibly see if my own sketching and drawing can be my own, known and sought after because I am the only one that has the style.




Simple and clean colours with strong and powerful imagery can always work very well for almost any time of design for anything but it’s something that can be one to death so for me final mayor project I’m going to try and stay clear of this.

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In class this week we all had to create a presentation in the PECHA KUCHA style, 20 slides with 20 seconds on each, I found it really hard, simply because I hate talking in front of crowd to a couple of people I would be fine but not no more, but it was eye opening because in the industry this is needed, we are often needed to present out idea’s and thoughts.

But below is mine, not very good and inspiring but hey It worked.

Presentation Alex R

Sorry that its in a PDF format couldn’t get it to be a movie no here.

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Sizes for the pieces that I need to create:

Business Card:

Standard size is 85mm x 55mm – Cards can come in a multitude of sizes – 88 x 55, 90 x 50, 85 x 45 etc.

Standard wallet size is 85 x 55.


Basically a header size.

Compliment Slip:

There is no standard compliment slip size but the most common and often size is A6: 148mm x 105mm.

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After my successful with the black on black printing I turned my attention to the packaging itself, I went about and collected so interesting two toned card from Hobby Craft which almost had an oldie feel to it, almost like an old script?, but anyway’s I glued on the cut out sections, the small title section on the front and the album song list on the back both evenly spaced from the top and sides, I decided that it looked a lot better having these sections further up on the composition because it made the negative space a bit more interesting and the piece as a whole.


On the inside of the design when folded open I decided to cover the whole top section with a black on black animal print, this is where the CD with the animal print will sit aswell, both patterns will be different, under this is the illustration of the lion, I have yet to figure out where I want the gold leaf to be if there is going to be any on the design packaging.


In the post before this one I was having a look at some different options for my packaging and decided that I want to feature a sleeve on the design, the inside section above will slot into this sleeve, I have yet to decide whether this sleeve will have any prints on it whether its animal prints or type, also I might possibly have a little look at having a cut out?


I decided to make a little prototype just to see how it could look and work, the sleeve will be either 1 or 2 piece glued together, but as a small piece, especially with the cut out it was a little flimsy and weak so to solve this I might need to add some think card or layers? this should solve this problem on a larger scale.


Just a little shot of the prototype fully in.


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Watch The Throne 2

I have been looking at the graphics for the Watch the Throne album and I have found this really good little article all about it.


PARIS, Aug 12, 2011/ FW/ — In an unprecedented collaboration, Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director of the House of Givenchy designed all artwork featured in JAY-Z and Kanye West’s newest album ‘WATCH THE THRONE’ to be released worldwide in August 2011.

After designing the cover for the album’s first outing, ‘H.A.M’, in 2010, Riccardo Tisci chose to create this new artwork to celebrate one of the biggest joint efforts in music history.

The artwork’s bold colours and angular lines are symbols of masculinity for two of the most iconic rap figures of our time.




Riccardo Tisci naturally incorporates references to his long time signature codes, from meticulously engineered prints to blurred religious images, the strength of these visuals being to bring his Couture techniques and vision to image printing. Therefore, the ‘Watch the Throne’ cover seems to be embroidered while the inside artwork looks painted and printed.

Other symbols are featured, such as architecture and layering, raw materials and animal faces, symmetric shapes combined with bold prints or American obsessions, all part of Riccardo Tisci’s aesthetics, translated to the music world.

Commenting on the collaboration with JAY-Z and Kanye West, Riccardo Tisci said, “I am honoured to have been asked to be part of this incredible music moment with such amazing artists. I am impressed by the amount of respect they have for music and art. We share the same way of working : like a family.”

By designing the artwork for JAY-Z and Kanye West’s first collaborative album, Riccardo Tisci wanted to channel America’s most traditional value : Respect.

Album release date, exclusively at iTunes : August 8th 2011

I could almost create a limited version of the album, a hand crafted style of design and packaging, this will make the CD casing feel “special and valuable but raw at the same time”, this is what I want the album to feel like.

Riccardo Tisci is a high end fashion design and with he’s collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West he realized t-shirts and other bit for the album and limited edition packaging.



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Design Thoughts + Next Steps

So basically after having a quick look at some CD covers from my chosen genre “Hip-Hop” I have decided that it is now a good time to start setting out a game plan for myself – to better my time management and process in my next stages.

This project is due in 17th of December I believe so I have myself a decent amount of time to achieve everything I need to and more, but I will not take this for granted this project round.

I have already chosen my genre of music “Hip-Hop”

I next need to decide a possible pre-excising album that I have to design for and make an album of different songs of my choice.

My current decision is between Jay-z and Kanye west’s Watch the Throne, its a good strong album with lots of interesting references that I could pick up on.


The second choice is J-Cole’s Born Sinner again a good strong album with lots of key and important lines throughout the whole album.



Both Look so very different in style of covers but they are quiet similar to each other in music style and quality of the production to me, this will be hard for me to chose I think the best option for me is too just listen the each album and then try to sketch up some different ideas for each – one key design feature that I really want to have a look at is the fact of not using the whole canvas 100% I really would like to have cut out sections the allow the layer underneath to be seen. 

For me this will make the design a bit different and hopefully visually more appealing because its out of the norm I guess.

After doing some initial sketches I will start to develop my best ones, the ones that I feel can deliver the best outcome for me, obviously I will need to do some more research into each album 

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Final Little bits

Just having a look through some of my for little bits that aren’t in my blog yet below is an image of my first test print of my Elephant illustration before the colour and graphic fill was added,  I also have some little sketches when I first began the project with my Elephant idea and the middle image is a mid project sketch when I was going to start my glasses idea after my original awkward female idea failed.

image image image

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