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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Brief Analysis Feel Good Drinks

After reading through all of the briefs available on the YCN website I decided that for me the best one to do is the “Feel Good Drinks”, This is because the brand is unknown to me but it sparked my interest, The brief has to separate aspects to it, two different briefs, one asking me to create an interesting packaging design focusing on the only the packaging only and the other asking me to communicate their brand across their target audiences spectrum, focusing on communication through things like TV, Adverts and magazines.

The brief that I feel I could do the best is the 2nd, this is because I feel I could do a better good at that than the 1st brief, the 1st I felt was to restricting on what I could do, the bottle shape and packaging couldn’t be changed but how they were displayed and marketed could, but this wasn’t for me.

Brief #2 – Make the nation Feel Good 

The biggest opportunity in our business is to raise awareness of our brand. We know that when someone tries one of our drinks, they’ll give it a big thumbs up. The trouble is, currently only 2 out of 5 of our target market are aware of Feel Good Drinks when shown a picture of our bottle.

That’s where you come in! We are looking for creative ideas for a national communication campaign to raise awareness of Feel Good Drinks. We need you to think big – we want to see ideas that stop people in their tracks and make them feel good, an ear to ear grin kind of good.

The communication objectives are really simple: people need to know our brand name, what our drinks look like and that our drinks are choc-full of tasty goodness. We want the communication to be unique, memorable and very feel good. We’re up against some soft drinks giants.

This brief was for me and I have been waiting for a while to include illustrations in my work and this brief could be the one but first I will need to do some research into the brand and from that I can start to develop some idea’s from what I have learnt, I have been supplied some images of their products and the logos, so for now I can begin at least by creating very rough and basic idea’s and then develop them accordingly.

Thing to keep in mind while designing for this brief, Keep it cheerful, don’t make it serious, keep it colourful, make it eye-catching, use their logo, big them up and don’t be afraid to take the piss.

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After sketching out some initial designs I decided to develop 3 of them, In my development I decide the placements and the shapes of the images over the 4 pages and the placement of the text components, but I would truly see if a design worked when designing it on the computer using first Adobe Illustrator then InDesign, Half way through my creating my design everything started to fall apart, nothing looked right, all of the proportions were off, the typeface didn’t suit the design, so I decided to pretty much give up and start again from scratch after a short break to clear my head.

I went back to my developed designs and went from there, I began by thinking what has previously worked in my work and what could work because of my past projects and through magazines, from the orignal brief to aid me in my design thinking process I decide to give the images more prononce so that they would be the main focus of the design. But again for me to see if the new design would work I would have to create it and edit it accordingly from it to work.


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