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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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WWF Animal’s / Images

So today I have decided while at college with a computer that actually works without crashing that I would have some fun in Adobe Illustrator with tracing and playing with the layers and my own style that I have previously used in other projects.

But first I have decided that I really need some new images to use, I did really want to use the snake but in hindsight this wouldn’t work because the snake that I have chosen in the image isn’t actually endangered whats so ever, so from this decision I am going to look at more in-depth animal faces on like big cats, rhinos, elephants, apes, etc…

Sumatran Tiger







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Si Scott

‘Welcome to the new Si Scott Studio site, we are a creative Design & Illustration studio that prides itself on finely crafted work with an obsessive attention to detail in everything we do.’

Quote from “Si Scott Studios” which I came across while looking for different illustration styles to try and find what I had in my head and these guys have beaten me to it haha, but they are a fantastic studio and the quality of there design work is mind blowing.

Link to there site: http://siscottstudio.com

Below are some screenshots from Si Scott Studios website and these are from several animal projects but my mind has been blown! these design/ illustrations have really opened my eyes and something has finally brought back my passion for design and this just shows me that I really do like Illustration and this is what I want to do, I would love to work or even do work experience at a studio like this, thee just fantastic, but now my job is to see if i Still have it in me to sketch and illustrate like I used to 4 years ago during my art A levels.

After looking at these I really just want to get sketching and have my final piece done already I can’t wait to see  how the final outcome will look, I sort of have a vision in my head but its blurry at the moment.


Picture 27

Picture 28

Picture 29

Picture 30

Picture 31

Picture 32

Picture 33

Picture 34

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture 37

Picture 38

Picture 39


The level and detail and perfection in Illustration is amazing and Si Scott and the team are next level!


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In class this week we all had to create a presentation in the PECHA KUCHA style, 20 slides with 20 seconds on each, I found it really hard, simply because I hate talking in front of crowd to a couple of people I would be fine but not no more, but it was eye opening because in the industry this is needed, we are often needed to present out idea’s and thoughts.

But below is mine, not very good and inspiring but hey It worked.

Presentation Alex R

Sorry that its in a PDF format couldn’t get it to be a movie no here.

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Final Design Steps

So after designing and making my initial design to see if it works I decided to go ahead and start making my final design, I went ahead and made to different colour schemes one all black and a black and white one.

I went ahead and first measured a CD to see the sizing because my prototype design was a little to big, My CD case now measures up at 130mm x 125mm, this is just big enough to fit a normal CD in with a little spare room either side, I brought some more jet black card and began cutting it out to size using a knife and a straight edge steel ruler – but first I carefully measured and drew out the whole design.



Above is a shot of the black on black CD case sleeve, inside is the CD holder, The black on black design I feel is really effective and as a whole design works really well, the album now is very subtle and mysterious especially with nothing on the front, this is so different to every other CD case I have seen before.






Just a shot with the sleeve and the holder unfolded out both sides of the design.




Next is the white and black design, this was only last-minute, while buying the jet black card for the main sections of the packaging I came across some really nice natural looking paper, it was a natural made off white with plant sections intertwined. I was worried about how this paper would print because of how fin it was and how it was made but It came out fine in the end



Although the black and white design looks really nice, clean and readable I still really like the black on black design I just think it’s because not many designs use 1 solid colour for a whole design and this Is really making me lean towards this design.



The inside of the black on white design is just as striking as the front, but for some reason to me it looks slightly tacky and cheap? I don know if it’s just me but it does I think this is just because of the white paper being used.



I was having a little play around with my spray paint and a stencil that I have made using an animal print, The CD itself look terrible but this is only a test, since I have made another and it looks a lot better I need to make a blog post with the whole process of the CD making which I will do after this post.

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Illstration and Gold Leaf Part 2

After my first initial gold leaf test I decided to have a bit more of an experiment with the process, I went back to my local hobby shop and bought so card craft glue which came in some little bottle with a very fine tip applicator which made it very easy to apply on the pre-printed type.


Even though the glue was so much easier to apply the initial results looked like it was working well but after once I removed all of the excess gold leaf it became apparent that the glue was suitable, where I had to apply pressure on the gold leaf to make sure that It stuck down properly the glue had spread even though I was very careful about how much I put on the type, this was very annoying because it was so much fast and easier to do than using a pencil and the proper adhesive for the gold leaf.



The end result was bad to say the least.

After my fail with the gold leaf I decide to have a quick break from it and have a look at the illustration side of the design and the front cover of the CD case, I used my two favorite and most suitable type faces from my original print out and layed them out using grids to get them 100% perfect and equal, on this page I also added a quick rendition of a Lion that I did, I was really happy with this design and thought if it was done in gold leaf it would look so good so this is what I was going to do next.


I test printed the design first to see how it would come out on a normal piece of paper before printing it on a decent piece of card.


Test print came out good so I went ahead and printed it on the brown stock card.0


The designs came out looking good on the card so I went ahead and carefully cut them out using a straight edge and a ruler, In the design on the computer I added a 0.25pt line box around each section which was carefully sized using grids.


I began thinking about what card stocks I will be using and how the final CD case could look with the 2 tone contrast using collage techniques and processes.


Below is a shot of the final gold leaf lion illustration and it came out looking shit to be honest, I can barely see what It is so this was a complete failure and I will have to go back to the drawing boards to see how I could get over this, I think it is because the gold leaf isn’t perfect yet it looked like this, maybe I should only cover part in gold leaf? worth a try, I also have some black stock card which I will try to print onto to experiment with aswell.


The black printed version and the gold leafed one, it’s hard to tell that they are the same illustration.


When I came to the type I had already gold leaf the “American Captain” typeface before so I decided to do the “Georgia” one, and to be honest I really like the style of the this type, It looks a bit of an older style than the other option, I went back to the process of how I did the gold leaf the first time around with the pencil and adhesive liquid.


I found the small type very hard to gold leaf because of the size of type, I am really happy with the final result of this gold leafing, it looks old but valuable which It something I sort of wanted to portray in my CD packaging.


Below is a shot of the final gold leaf test with the failed like print and over all the colours look really good but I still want to see how they look on black stock first…


Overall a very successful day experimenting and testing the processes to find what works for me, next steps is to test the black stock card with the gold leaf, have a look at he CD pattern which I will do next and then it onto the final illustration of the lion.

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Evaluation and Reflection:

1) Visual Communication

The brief that I was set asked for me to create two posters, a3 or larger in either a photography style or an illustrative style, I chose to go down the illustrative route, we had to design the posters for an up and coming book release on November 1st 2013 which needed to be included along with the publishers logo “Octopus Publishing Company” – along with these key pieces of information I also had to have the title of the book “Unusual Words” and I needed an Unusual words and it’s Definition on the poster also, My illustration would be themed around my chosen word.

I made very sure that I always include everything that the brief specific’s for, so my design to meet the visual communication requirements of the brief and the message of the posters are in tune with what the brief is asking, 2 posters advertising an up and coming book launch about unusual words in and illustrative style.

I am really happy with both of these designs, my original view in my head when I started this project wasn’t at all what they came out like but this is a good thing because with out my little play around and experiments I wouldn’t have found out how to create this very distinctive illustrative style for my poster which I am over the moon for because they are unlike what I have seen out there and they are so different to “A Standard Illustration”

This paired with the strong and bold black text works really well as a whole compositions and simple as always for me at least works and looks better than something over-crowded and cramped, But obviously the piece will be read wrong or mis-understood? but no designer can help this and with my posters I wasn’t just going to do the simplest option it would be too easy so I thought out of the box and in the box as the case might be for the second fish poster but hey?

Obviously over time a set of designs like this can be developed and edited to become nearly perfect in my eyes but with a short deadline like this it is a little bit hard so I have to be happy with what I have achieved in the short period of time and this time round I really am…

2) Reflection of own working practices:

My time keeping for this project was pretty good seeing that It was my first project back since the very long summer holidays, I did start off slow thought but after getting my head down after releasing that I only had a little bit of time left I got my ass in action haha, I straight away knew how I waned my posters to look after first analyzing the brief, the brief was worded in such a way this time that I managed to get decent and powerful visuals straight away on my first read through rather than my like 2nd or 3rd.

MY research went alright for this project I’ve still got a little more to put in after this and my final prints but for know I have done a decent amount to be judge upon, My research wasn’t really that in-depth because for me at least I already have a style? I guess from 10 years of doing Art through-out school so I didn’t feel the need to do pointless research. One thing that my research did help with was my final decision to make the designs 100% grayscale, but I was really leaning this way anyway but it did help.

For this project I was a lot more strict almost on myself? I evaluated myself and were I was a couple of times when I was getting stuck on this project with things like idea’s going nowhere and not being able to find correct resources, these self-evaluations really helped me stay on top in the project and without them my final piece would no were near be a strong I feel.

I didn’t experiment too much with different styles in this project simple because as I mentioned before I already have myself a style so there as no need for me to try things when I already have developed this over years, pointless really. This project I found quiet enjoyable but obviously there were frustrating time with failing idea’s but other than that it went well one thing I will say Is I do need to improve my resource collecting by finding decent sites and area’s of the web and not just relying on search engines.

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Unusual Words

The whole design for these posters revolves around unusual words so my task is to have a look around in books and the internet to find words that are nearly unheard of and ones that I can actually design and illustrate for.

My first thought was to look at some phobias and fears rather than just blindingly browsing trying to find some.

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