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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on: http://alexrichardson93.wix.com/alexrichardsondesign

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Butterfly Illustration



Using an illustration that I have already done I went about creating a computer done illustration in my own style like the tiger, before I started this though I wanted to change a little on the image because I want it completely straight and 100% correct both sides, So again I will use the flection tool and only trace half of the image rather than it all I want it too look more like one of those animal cases that have butterflies in:




Picture 38


So after lining up one side of the image I began tracing, I first set the transparency down to 50% and created new layers for lines and extra’s.

Picture 39


Just a close up screenshot of the tracing mid-way.

Picture 40



A shot with the image off to show the line work.

Picture 41


Waiting for the computer to calculate takes a lot of time up but it;s worth it in the end.

Picture 1

I was finding it really hard to replicate the same tones and style as the tiger piece I have just previously done, I think this was because of the shapes and the lines that have been used and created this time around.

I wanted to use the same line techniques and colours for both designs to link them correctly and to show that they are part of a set, this style could easily be something that I would design like, I really enjoy it and I am really happy with the outcomes, all I need to do now is create the logo set and mounts all the work ready for feedback.

Picture 2

Final design.



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WWF Animal’s / Images

So today I have decided while at college with a computer that actually works without crashing that I would have some fun in Adobe Illustrator with tracing and playing with the layers and my own style that I have previously used in other projects.

But first I have decided that I really need some new images to use, I did really want to use the snake but in hindsight this wouldn’t work because the snake that I have chosen in the image isn’t actually endangered whats so ever, so from this decision I am going to look at more in-depth animal faces on like big cats, rhinos, elephants, apes, etc…

Sumatran Tiger







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Si Scott

‘Welcome to the new Si Scott Studio site, we are a creative Design & Illustration studio that prides itself on finely crafted work with an obsessive attention to detail in everything we do.’

Quote from “Si Scott Studios” which I came across while looking for different illustration styles to try and find what I had in my head and these guys have beaten me to it haha, but they are a fantastic studio and the quality of there design work is mind blowing.

Link to there site: http://siscottstudio.com

Below are some screenshots from Si Scott Studios website and these are from several animal projects but my mind has been blown! these design/ illustrations have really opened my eyes and something has finally brought back my passion for design and this just shows me that I really do like Illustration and this is what I want to do, I would love to work or even do work experience at a studio like this, thee just fantastic, but now my job is to see if i Still have it in me to sketch and illustrate like I used to 4 years ago during my art A levels.

After looking at these I really just want to get sketching and have my final piece done already I can’t wait to see  how the final outcome will look, I sort of have a vision in my head but its blurry at the moment.


Picture 27

Picture 28

Picture 29

Picture 30

Picture 31

Picture 32

Picture 33

Picture 34

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture 37

Picture 38

Picture 39


The level and detail and perfection in Illustration is amazing and Si Scott and the team are next level!


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Geometric Illustrations

In my head I sort of know what style I am going after and hoping to achieve with my own Illustrations for my final major project piece for WWF, I want to go for a geometric style of illustration using inspiration from y own illustrations for my ‘Unusual Words’ project but this time I want to sketch out the whole designs before hand, I would like these to be as close as to my own Illustrations but I will obviously need some help in getting proportions right for my chosen animal because I haven’t seen most of them in real life ever.

It might be a thought to go to somewhere which has these animals like London Zoo? or somewhere this Is something to think about.



This piece of illustration above isn’t exactly what I want to do, it’s just too geometric for me, I would really like to create the outside shape of the animal normal and the detail and features normal but also having aspects of surrealism and geometric shape just to add a bit of flair and I feel because it was successful for myself in my last project I really want to use it in this one.

geometric seamless pattern

Using different width and thickness of lines can really create some interesting patterns and contrasts between sections of an Illustration, this is something that I will need to experiment with and have a look and doing myself to se if it will work with my own vision of my illustrations in my head.



Another geometric animal but its too geometric for me but a brilliant reference piece.


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My Brief

I had a little look at how to write basically a decent brief and there where lots of useful and interesting pointers and must do’s, so with all of this that I have read and knowing what I want to achieve with this project my own written brief is below:

K college  HND 2 Graphic Design

Module: Illustration & typography

Date set: 10 March Date due: 19May 

The Brief 

In this brief for your final major project you will be focusing on the company WWF, a highly reconcilable charitable company that is a preventative organization for the protection of endangered animals and environmentally issues.

You have been set the task to create between 2 and 5 design pieces using illustration as the main form of visual communication; the designs can be no bigger than A1 but can be any format. The pieces must feature the same style through-out as part of a set, this can be 100% your own choice how you go about this, the illustrations can be computer designed or psychical illustration’s dependent on your chosen style.

The theme of your design work can be anything that WWF deals with, animal endangerment, environmental issues and sponsorship; the pieces are being design to be sold at charity to raise funds for WWF for your chosen issue/ message. The design must feature the WWF logo somewhere, in some form, this is the only feature that must be used.

Think very carefully about the message you are trying to portray in your design work, current and previous WWF advertising have a powerful message for each advert, this is something that you will need to think about for your own designs, this message/theme will determine the whole design of the pieces. This message can be subtle or bold, this is your choice on how you go about this, research will be key to successful pieces, but remember they are for sale so the visuals in your illustrations must be appealing to your target audience.

Research Materials

The designs should not only feature WWF style but your own, this is also a way of getting exposure in the design world as well as helping a worthwhile cause, these design’s should take inspiration from WWF advertising but at the same time be fundamentally different. Using what you have learnt throughout your design course in ideology and methodology.

Your research should be reflected in your final designs, this can be produced in a sketch book or a blog, in addition to your research other research methods could be used as well in your design work like mind maps, mood boards, etc., it is good design practice to consider all types or research and ways of researching, inspiration can come from anywhere.

Learning outcomes:


  • To greater your own knowledge about the design world and there practices.
  • To develop a illustrative style.
  • To push yourself with issue’s and important decisions in your work.
  • Finally to show that you can design and create.




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Sign Development

So I have now added all of the information that I have collected into their own sign’s and I have them all saved individually and in a document together.

Picture 18


Even though there done, I’m still not happy with them me and Tim where talking and decide the reason there not working yet is simply because of the type, I am trying to take a lot of inspiration for motorway sign’s so I really need to take this further by actually using the same type face and using the same style completely almost.

I need to also I feel add something? maybe an icon for each sign which can be determined by the song lyrics, this is my next job along with the exploration of the motor-way typeface and translating it into my designs.


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In class this week we all had to create a presentation in the PECHA KUCHA style, 20 slides with 20 seconds on each, I found it really hard, simply because I hate talking in front of crowd to a couple of people I would be fine but not no more, but it was eye opening because in the industry this is needed, we are often needed to present out idea’s and thoughts.

But below is mine, not very good and inspiring but hey It worked.

Presentation Alex R

Sorry that its in a PDF format couldn’t get it to be a movie no here.

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I out on designing a large amount of logo design’s and business card design’s. I had a very rough idea of how I wanted the whole branding set to look and I got inspiration from many different item’s that where random, just something about them that gave me some inspiration…


I did a set of classic and modern logo design’s, classic because her career to me is a traditional one rather than something new that hasn’t been around for long like a subway worker, but I also decided that it would be a good idea to do a modern set too just to see what I can come up with.


After I sketched out 2 pages of logo design’s I went about translating them into business card just to see how they could look and function. The day of this page we had a mid-project crit which people in the group suggested which logo I go for and it was my same choice so It was easy for me to choose the tradition type of J.K. with Rowling underneath separated with a line.


I also decided to have a little look at the possible add-ons that I could create of make a visual aid for, I was really focusing on her career as an author.

My next step was to start playing around with my designs in illustrator and on paper a little more.

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Sizes for the pieces that I need to create:

Business Card:

Standard size is 85mm x 55mm – Cards can come in a multitude of sizes – 88 x 55, 90 x 50, 85 x 45 etc.

Standard wallet size is 85 x 55.


Basically a header size.

Compliment Slip:

There is no standard compliment slip size but the most common and often size is A6: 148mm x 105mm.

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