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Well I am currently writing up my essay to go along with the FMP, this essay is on my methodology and I am finding it hard but anyway to the point of this post I have mentioned in my essay that I was influenced by certain adverts and pieces in an edition of ‘communication Arts’ a May 2011 issue to be precise.

I need to collect some images from this magazine because I have referenced them in my essay and visuals will help explain my thought and work process.

IMG_0928 IMG_0930 IMG_0931 IMG_0932


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So one of the ways of feedback that I have decided to use is something called  , this is basically where I myself create 3 or more fictional characters, these can be based on real like people that I may know, but the whole idea is I make these people up and I can go into as much detail with each as I want but long story short I have to do feedback on my work thinking in these people’s mind sets.

Person 1:

Name: James Mathews

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Health: Non smoker, active

Relationship Status: Single

Interests: Music, cars and Drinking

Social: Yes to a degree, but shy at times

Person 2:

Name: Leyla Dawn

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Health: Smoker but active

Relationship Status: In a relationship for 3 years

Interests: Going out, shopping, drinking , patrying

Social: Very social

Person 3:

Name: Graham Pine

Age: 55

Gender: Male

Health: Non-smoker but heavy drinker

Relationship Status: Married 23 years

Interests: Going down the pub, family events, any time out, walks, etc

Social: Talks to everyone, goes to the pub often.

So with this basic information I can sort of get a feel for each person and I have based them on people I know so I have better insight into them so I think I could judge the way they would look at my work without actually asking them.

I will continue this post when the pieces are mounted and complete.

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Printing is being a little bit of an issue at the moment every printer at college has ran out of ink being this time of year that everyone needs to get work printed out, hopefully I can still print today, just waiting for the college shop to open so I can get my paper.

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Logo and Text Edit

So after having my test prints I realized that the grey for the logo’s just wasn’t doing it for me so I wanted to use the same style that I have on my illustrations, It was hard to start out with because for some reason the graphic fill wasnt loading, I was only getting a white fill rather than the pattern so after at all of playing around I managed to figure out that the background colour of layers underneath effect this fill options, so once I unfilled the lined boxes I went about using the same processes as before, graphic fill – grayscale – invert – colour balance – outline fill.

Picture 4


Picture 5


One thing that I noticed on the actual print out is that the outline was a little bit to dark to I changed this accordingly before final printing.

Picture 6

I also changed the type colour balance to +25 this made the colours a little darker because the type was hard to read.

Picture 7

After the next test print I decided that the type would look better with no graphic fill just a light shade of grey that I have used through out the illustrations and logo’s just to tie it all together and in turn make the text legible.

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So while ive got the basic print outs and mounting board already I thought that it would be a good idea to cut the board out to size, in turn I had to cut down the image sizes which will be templates for the final copies so I get them right.

I want a 10mm boarder around the images with the mounting board, I have also started spraying them the same black as the wooden canvas to match the background and to remove the white card edges because of cutting.

I will need to make the butterfly image a tiny bit smaller aswell to get it to fit the new paper size, I don’t like it being to close to the edges.

image image

Tomorrow I hope to get the illustrations printed and ready for me to mount when I get home, I really need to get this pieces done for tomorrow so I can do my feedback and write up my essay with what I have learnt.


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More Thoughts

So after having my basic layout done I went about spraying the back of the canvases again and I noticed that the black with the wood grain looked really special, something different so below is a picture showing how the compisions look with the black, I personally like them more but I will have to see, as a whole with the black mounting card they may look better?

talking about the mounting card I may have a small 5mm or 10mm boarder around the pieces just to emphasis them more? i will need to test this.


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Basic layout before printing

So what I have done is print the designs out on plain paper just to test print really and see how the colours came out, but instead of just wasting these I have decided to cut them down to the sizes that I think would suit the canvas.

I have just taken 10mm off of each side of the large illustrations just to give a little boarder around the image to join the back canvas colour together, I was a little skeptical at first seeing how much white their actual was but after a while it looked right to me, I may decide to develop this negative space further when I have more done in the project and have received feedback but here are the two possibilities:

image image

I am very happy with the way the designs look like this even though i still need to print them out properely, these sections will be mounted onto black mounting card which I’ll have to paint the sides of for the full effect, the reason I am using mounting card is because I really dont want the images to be flat of the canvas i want them to stick out a little give more definition to them and because i will be printing on flat matt card this should look pretty good, atleast it does in my head ha.

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So After finally deciding how I wanted to go about mounting and displaying the illustrations and logo’s I need to create the documents to accomplish this.

Picture 3


Picture 4


I decided to do the logo’s in sets just to see how the designs would look later on in my test mock up, I am doing this test because as a designer I really need to get feedback and see what works before I print properly.

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Butterfly Illustration



Using an illustration that I have already done I went about creating a computer done illustration in my own style like the tiger, before I started this though I wanted to change a little on the image because I want it completely straight and 100% correct both sides, So again I will use the flection tool and only trace half of the image rather than it all I want it too look more like one of those animal cases that have butterflies in:




Picture 38


So after lining up one side of the image I began tracing, I first set the transparency down to 50% and created new layers for lines and extra’s.

Picture 39


Just a close up screenshot of the tracing mid-way.

Picture 40



A shot with the image off to show the line work.

Picture 41


Waiting for the computer to calculate takes a lot of time up but it;s worth it in the end.

Picture 1

I was finding it really hard to replicate the same tones and style as the tiger piece I have just previously done, I think this was because of the shapes and the lines that have been used and created this time around.

I wanted to use the same line techniques and colours for both designs to link them correctly and to show that they are part of a set, this style could easily be something that I would design like, I really enjoy it and I am really happy with the outcomes, all I need to do now is create the logo set and mounts all the work ready for feedback.

Picture 2

Final design.



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Idea’s/ Decisions

So I have been thinking about my layout and the style of the design, I am going to go with the illustration style that I am most comfit-able with.

I have been looking at the way other WWF advertisements place and use there logo and I have now figured out how to do it and achieve it how I have wanted to in my own designs, There logo is often in a little white box, with either curved edges or square, I will go or the curved way because it looks a lot cleaner to me in this box I will also add he name of each animal that I have done an illustration of.




Picture 32

Originally I was just going to cut around all of the printed features like the logo and the illustration but after doing my tiger Illustration I had a look and found that I was going to be far to hard and time consuming for me to do this, so I have had to think up over Alternatives and I have a couple below are a couple of edit.’s of possible outcomes that I need to choose from.


Picture 35

Basic shapes just to show possible outcomes and layouts.


Picture 36


Finished Tiger Head Illustration

Picture 37


Possible outcomes with the Illustration In, I personal think that the best one in my opinion is the bottom left, simple because as a composion it works better to me the lines and the negative space go, Having the small gap around the outside of the illustration works better, it links the wood together better.

Job done now I need to crack on and finish haha.


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