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New Website Have A Look

So basically when I was doing my HND we had a brief to create a website for ourselves, overall I wasn’t happy with this at all so I have taken it upon myself to create myself a more professional site, in which possible clients etc. can contact me on and look into myself abit more.

I will be updating this site all the time and it isn’t 100% yet, I have a lot more planned.

So if you get a chance have a look on:

Any questions or know how contact me on either the new site or via here!


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Illustrator Experiment

So using the image of the tiger that I collected I began trying a new technique on illustrator, using the pen tool I normally try and gently curve the lines around the shapes of the image but for this image I wanted to try something different I went about by roughly and rapidly clicking the pen tool to create a more random but unique piece of line work.


Picture 25

Picture 26


I decided to only do half of the image because I wanted to reflect the other side to create a se-metrical image for the piece, I will continue with this.

Picture 28

Picture 29

I copied and pasted the trace side and reflecting it in the transform option in object at the top menu bar, Now that I have a very basic outline for the tigers face I am going to create another layer to add more lines for the hairs and whiskers on the face, I also will have a look at the fill and gradient options.

Picture 7


After I had created the basic line for the face I went about suing the graphic fill to achieve the style that I have before in my Usual words project, I had to play around with layers and opacity to achieve the look that I was looking for.

Picture 8

Picture 2


So originally I was just going to print out this basic design but then I decided to actually complete it in illustrator to see what outcome I was going to achieve, So I began by adding in the long whiskers and hairs on the tigers face, I did them in 2 line thicknesses 1pt and 2pt just to add more depend to the thicker and more pronounced hairs.


Picture 3



Whiskers by themselves.

Picture 4


The eye was looking a little lost, so I went about creating a new layer on top and copying them too this, I next had a look at the fill options till I was happy, 100% white was just to bright and they looked out of place but in an off white they looked good to me. Feedback will tell me more.

Picture 5


Final finished design, but I do have some further plans with this to see what I can achieve, My main reason to continue on with it because of the whiskers, originally I was just going to cut carefully around the design but with the fine lines this would be really hard and properly impossible, So I have a few tricks up my sleeves that I want to try out.


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Sign Development

So I have now added all of the information that I have collected into their own sign’s and I have them all saved individually and in a document together.

Picture 18


Even though there done, I’m still not happy with them me and Tim where talking and decide the reason there not working yet is simply because of the type, I am trying to take a lot of inspiration for motorway sign’s so I really need to take this further by actually using the same type face and using the same style completely almost.

I need to also I feel add something? maybe an icon for each sign which can be determined by the song lyrics, this is my next job along with the exploration of the motor-way typeface and translating it into my designs.


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Poster 1 Illustration

Know that I have done my initial sketches I have began looking at images that I can use to help me illustrate my posters with.



So with my idea’s in mind I Began collecting images, the image above is for 1 of the two and the poses below are for the second poster, I collected the pose images to help me sketch a realistic pose rather than try to draw one from my head, which wouldn’t turn out correct and life-like.

IMG_0552 IMG_0562 IMG_0560 IMG_0558 IMG_0556 IMG_0554


I really need help when it comes to drawing people, I’m alright at doing faces and features but the whole body is a bit of a mystery to me, I have never been able to even when I was doing my art A levels.


After collecting my image for my unusual word poster around like a straw I began by tracing the basic lines rather than just free hand sketch it.

Picture 11


I used the pen tool and a basic fine edge line on the line tool options, I left the sizing at 1pt.



Picture 2


After I was a bit stuck on what to do with the line drawing my original idea was to just print it out and sketch the shading onto it and scan it back into the computer – But during my little play around trying to figure out which route to go down I began to just look a filling the image in and in the Graphic fill options I found this really weird graphic fills that are like computer made gradients and patters. I have used it before but not in a long time so from knowing a little bit about it I began t have a play around.


Picture 3


I began to start adding layers together and experimenting with different shade combinations and transparency between the layers.

Picture 4


I began to start looking at colours and expose on Photoshop, I switched between Photoshop and illustrator a lot for a couple of hours trying to work out what I thought looked good.

Picture 5

Picture 6


The design almost started to look a bit like a camo rather than a pattern which was fine by me it looked completely different to what I thought it was going to but I am very happy with it, I will keep on experimenting with it and trying to find the perfect finish, But my next problem is to use the same style for my second poster, which Is a female body so it might not be suitable but I’ll have to wait and see.

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10



One thing that I really liked from what I have created is the fact it looks so abstract, so the unusual word is unique and the image matches it by being unique and slightly unknown because of the level of abstraction.

Picture 12

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Unusual Words Part 2

I have been finding it quiet hard to find decent unusual words that I feel that I can possibly design for in a dictionary or book so I decided just to search for usual words and phobias and managed to find loads, My next step is to have a better look into some of them and narrow down my option from like 40 I collected to 5 for which I can then narrow down further.

Unusual Words:

Macrosmatic – having a good sense of smell

Bablatrice – A female babbler

Dactylongmy – Counting on your Fingers

Delitescent – Hidden or concealed

Festucous – Like a straw

Gammerstang – A tall Awkward woman

Gilly-gaupus – Awkward person, foolish or silly person

Halch – To hug or embrace

Infelicofic – To make unhappy

Jentation – Breakfast

Kench – To laugh really loud

Luscition – Poor eyesight

Nocency – Guilt

Octer – This is your armpit

Piscation – Fishing

Spawling – Spitting

Tyrotoxism  – Poisoned by cheese

Undaftiness – Untidiness

Upbigged – To be built up

Windlestraw – A person who is tall, thin and un-healthy looking

Ziralect – Any expression of Joy

Jollux – A fat person


Ornithophobia – Fear of birds- especially Pigeons

Selenophobia – Fear of the moon

Agyrophobia – Fear of crossing roads when there’s no cars around

Hoplophobia – Fear of people who own Firearms

Nomatophobia – This phobia refers to the fear of names.

I picked out some different words that I thought were unusual but their meaning pretty simple, after typing them all out I think the ones that I have narrowed it down to are:

Ornithophobia – Fear of birds/especially Pigeons – This phobia could be very interesting for an illustration and could be quiet fun for me to experiment with.

Tyrotoxism – Poisoned by cheese – Again this unusual word relating to being killed but cheese could be quiet comical if done correctly.

Jentation – Breakfast – For my designs I don’t want them to be that serious this time, I do really want to see if I can incorporate a comical factor into them, but one of them will have to be the opposite because the brief specifies they have to be very different.

Gammerstang – A tall Awkward woman – This one could be easy to draw and get to work well in a simple composition.

My next step is to do some visual mind maps for each word so I can make my final decision on them and begin sketching out idea’s and designing.

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4th and 5th Page

Getting back into it now, After not designing for a while over the holidays I was struggling to create and come up with some idea’s but I seem to be getting it back now, On tot the 4th and 5th pages.

Using my sketched out layouts I am just experimenting with these and seeing what works with what Photo’s I have.

Made with Repix ( Made with Repix ( Made with Repix (

Fourth Page

I decided to have more than Just 2 photo’s over these pages, It just switching the design up Abit. The only problem that I for see with my design is that they are really simple, but I don’t feel that this some penalize them in anyway shape or form because for me it’s not on how intricate the design is or how long it takes to make it, it’s all on how it works as a whole…

Fifth Page:

This image was perfect for this page set up, It stretched right across both pages!

Fifth Page

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Home Page Design

After having a play around I decided that I seriously needed to get my website done, so I went back to the sketch book to come up with different idea’s which I will put in another post after this one.Picture 1This quick screenshot shows my Home Page design with my grid system on – the design has changed a lot from what I was orignally going to do, I decided to keep the title section very simple so allow the portfolio itself and image to do the talking.

Picture 2My new sketches and thought process gave me some nice additions to the Home page, I decided to keep the typeface the same at the top of the site because it’s very bold and strong, the body text is Myriad Pro size 15pt, for me the site still looks a bit bland but I want the site to be more functional rather than it being really flashy and stupid.

Picture 6 Picture 5 Picture 4 Picture 3

After getting the basic site done I decided to have a look at experimenting with the top title section of the site, I began to have a look at using some previous image that I collected for my experiments with my logo, some of them look okay but i still don’t know if I would use them yet.

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Semiotics Poster



Semiotics is the theory and analysis of signs.

(Introduction to semiotics)


Ferdinand De Saussure: (1857 – 1913)

Charles Sanders Peirce (1839 – 1914)

( The poster would need these two names and dates?)

Saussure was one of the first to think about semiotics in the early 20th century, he thought about the signifier and signified, while Peirce was looking at the theory behind the different types of signs at the same time, people have updated and added to they theory behind semiotics since.

(I don’t know how to write this part?, possibly 1 single paragraph about the history in brief?)

  • Signifier is something that gives meaning.
  • Signified is a visual or mental conception.

(Could possibly have an open sign? and a door opening? to convey meaning?)

  • Denotation – A basic description of what the you see.
  • Connotation – The meaning behind the image or what you think it means.

A sign is anything that conveys meaning

  • Icons have a resemblance to the actual physical object it is resembling.
  • Symbols are culturally learnt.
  • Indexes don’t exist without certain circumstances created by objects and reactions.

(Multiply images for each sign?)

  • Syntagm: A single word or element of design that; when altered can change the overall meaning.
  • Paradigm: A group or related ideas that are interchangeable in a sentence or design, yet they still have the same collective meaning.

(Needs an image with a e.g. sentence)

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