Last Minute Updates to the Design’s.

Picture 8

After having the pieces done for a couple of days I started to get annoyed with the way they looked, So I decided to have a look back at some previous WWF posters/advertisements to inspirations and here’s what I came up with, the others all featured the logo in a little box and the type that I have created wasn’t working for me so I changed it.

The designs really needed the something at the bottom of the pieces, they looked really bland and empty so I changed this.




These posters seem to use block capital type and this works well because it makes the quotes/ what there saying more firm and bold, so this is what I have changed my typeface for my WWF pieces too, I previously used American Captain which is one of my favorite typefaces but I do seem to use it quiet a bit so a change is nice and for this project it didn’t suit it properly.

Picture 10



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