With this project I knew what I wanted to do but achieving this was a lot harder than I first had suspected, I was very set though on what I had to do and how I was going to do it, I did a large amount of research into all the possible outcomes and processes that could help me achieve my project goals according to the brief. My time keeping for this project was very good to start with but as the project got to the middle it being to get poor, this isn’t because I wasn’t determined but this is because of outside problems at home and with other aspects in my life but as I have to I cracked on and got everything done in the end, being 100% honest I could have done more and probably achieved a more fulfilling outcome but I couldn’t.

As with most of my projects my favorite moment and time in the project was when I finished everything, especially when I got my final pieces done, I could see what all of my work and time has achieved, This is something that makes being a creative person doing creative things worth it, the final outcome. I really didn’t like much else for this project, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind because of personal issues, these really effected the whole project I think and I couldn’t help what has happened but the thing that counts to me is that even though I am having a very hard time, things got done and for that I am proud of myself on this last project…

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